5 Types of Abstract Art Prints to Enliven Your Living Room

Posted on June 04 2018

5 Types of Abstract Art Prints to Enliven Your Living Room

Beautiful and mesmerising art adds a sophisticated finishing touch to the walls of any home. Art can create a focal point, add interest to the walls and reflect your particular tastes and preferences.

While the works of great masters such as Picasso or Monet might be beyond the reach of most people, online poster art prints can offer a wonderful selection of gorgeous prints that can be framed just the way you like them to add a classy and individual element to the walls of your living room. In addition, the art you choose can play a vital part in creating the mood and atmosphere of the space.

Blue for You

Abstract art can be mysterious, puzzling, uplifting and even soothing. With an abstract print you choose from an online poster art prints collection, you will never tire of looking at its dimensions and contours.

With an abstract print in blue, the work can reference the bluebird of happiness or the blue of serene dreams and bring to mind the traditional symbols of fairy tales and folklore. A beautiful print in blue will soothe and inspire.

Fields and woodlands are also rich sources of inspiration that are relaxing and calming. Access the visual richness of the natural world and the healing power of plants and trees with a superb abstract print in green. Allow a gorgeous green print to cast its serene spell over you and your environment with its calm forested magic.

Warm It Up

Fill your living room with some sunny joyful spirit by choosing a delightful yellow abstract print from a collection of online poster art prints. Golden hues are happy and uplifting, and the happiness experienced by the artist in creating a print like this will radiate from its surface and towards all those in its blissful presence. A lovely yellow abstract print will add shining colour and life to your living room walls and act like a magnet that draws people in to its energising vibration of life, spring and renewal. With reference to the pretty flowers of spring, such as daffodils and crocuses, a print in yellow will add joy to your life.

Orange is a rich colour, often inspiring thoughts of autumn and comforting sources of warmth such as hearty roasts and wood fires. A beautiful abstract print in orange will add a delightful glow to your living room walls. Referencing varied traditions of China, beautiful blooms and other gorgeous items, an abstract print in vibrant orange will give great pleasure.

For some, regal red of is the most compelling of colours, signifying special events, royal majesty and the romance of roses and true love. A sumptuous abstract print in red, with references to antiquity and medieval pomp and literature, is an investment in beauty and passion that will live on in your living room for years to come.

Art has enduring power. Bring it into your home to enjoy its unique atmosphere and perpetual fascination.


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