Five ways to foster happiness in your home

Posted on June 10 2018

Feeling happy in your home is very important. It should be a safe, relaxing and uplifting refuge in which you can enjoy spending time and are happy to share with the valued people in your life.

People in the home play a role in generating happiness, of course, but providing the right environment can make a big difference. A neglected home with broken furniture and scuffed walls has a very different feel to a clean, sparkling home with flowers, comfortable furniture, and items of beauty on the walls.

No more clutter

It may sound like a simple idea, but you will be happier and less stressed if you tidy up and dispose of the junk cluttering up your home. Let go of everything you no longer use that is just taking up space and you will feel happier. Donate all the unneeded stuff to charity and feel even better about helping others. If you don't like the furniture you have, think about replacing it or up-cycling it. This doesn't need to be expensive, as people who are moving often give things away; alternatively, flea markets can be a source of great finds that you can customise to suit your own style.


It is amazing the difference that banishing dust and making windows a ‘view point’ again can make. Flooring can get a new lease of life with a really good sweep and clean; all this brightens up your home and make everyone feel happier.

A clean, smooth finish on your walls will make everything look and feel more pleasant. If your walls are in bad shape, clean them thoroughly, making sure to remove all dirt and dust from corners. Fill any holes, sand back, clean again, and freshen up with new paint to give your home a makeover that will make everyone feel happier.

Blue is the brightest colour

You will want to put something beautiful on your lovely fresh walls, so why not buy blue abstract art prints online? Blue is a gorgeous hue that inspires feelings of serenity and joy. If you buy blue abstract art prints online, you are purchasing items of beauty and fascination that can transport you into a world of compelling folklore, dreamy landscapes and delicious fantasy.

Displaying items of significance and sentimental attachment can also foster a sense of happiness. Photographs of much-loved relatives and friends, prizes won or mementoes of goals achieved will all make you feel happier.

Your home is a special place, so treat it with love and care; in turn, it will feel like a place of love and care. Use your imagination to fill your home with things that radiate love and beauty and your home will be filled with the spirit of joy and happiness. This is possible even on a low budget, as imagination is really the key.

Think about colour, light and decorating your space with things of meaning and your home will be very happy.


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