Investing In Exclusive Modern Abstract Art Prints

Posted on November 25 2018

Investing In Exclusive Modern Abstract Art Prints

Thinking of investing in exclusive limited edition contemporary abstract art?

It has always been possible to equate value with works of art but amongst corporate and private investors there is no doubt that art has become a more stable long term investment than some stocks and shares.

This has lead to many Western art consultants and art historians being frequently asked to suggest appropriate investments for their corporate clients, particularly far eastern clients who have a growing appreciation for Japanese and Chinese collectibles.

Signed limited edition prints have become collectable - to have for example 1 of only 25 in existence creates exclusivity and investment. 

This it is very common to visit a corporate headquarters in Japan and see some very expensive and exclusive art work displayed in glass cases in the foyer of the building, these not only being decorative, but also being part of the investments of that company. Mind you, some corporate art purchases, are so valuable that they lives permanently in water and fireproof safes!!

It is a mark of the times that this kind of conspicuous art ownership is migrating to the West, with many city of London offices being decorated with corporate owned artwork worth many hundreds of thousands of pounds. Top executives get to enjoy these investments as office wall art and say it helps them to take pleasure in their time at work.

This kind of purchase makes the corporate art market a hugely attractive target for up and coming artists; especially as some large corporate purchasers are said to be holding a huge body of art work from virtual unknowns against the day they become famous in the art world.

A recent news story told how a virtually unknown artist held a very successful show in a London gallery and, having sold all her work, was swamped with corporate commissions that guaranteed her income for the next six years. What wasn't mentioned was whether she accepted them.

Corporate art buyers are now seen as an important part of the financial machine that keeps the art world running. Purchases of office art are soaring and everyone seems happy to be a winner.









by Graham Baylis Jr: source


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