ephemera35 is about transforming everyday disposable paraphernalia into works of art



Anne Doyle was born in London and has been painting for forty five years.
She studied at NE Essex School of Art and has trained in the use of a variety of mediums.  
She lives and paints from her home in Wivenhoe Essex where she has lived for over three decades.

Her art has evolved as an expression of a rich, long and meaningful life.
She creates products of lasting beauty from an ephemeral world.

“Years before it became fashionable I’ve always been passionate about recycling, finding it exciting and challenging to make something out of nothing.
Growing up during the War, when rationing was a normal part of everyday life,  everything including food and clothes were in very short supply.  There was no disposable world - unlike today - so imagination was needed to reuse and recycle our precious resources.
I am very concerned about the enormous amount of stuff, which is dumped in landfill and the effect it has on the environment.  
This is one area in which we can all make a difference by being aware of our footprint that we leave behind.
This has lead me to making artwork from everyday ephemera such as old magazines, newspapers and packaging.
The antithesis to the world that we now generally live in.”

Anne’s values come alive through her vibrant contemporary artworks and makes something valuable and lasting out of everyday objects that are normally thrown away.

Her artwork evokes a timeless uplifting impression drawing you into a dimension of colour and positivity.

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Featured prints & paintings & how they have developed:

Anne Doyle is a passionate colourist, collecting beautiful ephemera & paper from all sorts of places. It could be coloured paper from a magazine, newspaper or packaging, an old postcard or wrapping paper. 

She begins with an idea e.g. her Blue print was inspired by bluebirds of happiness The Bluebird inhabits ‘Le Pays Bleu’ - ‘The Blue Country’ of our dreams; an ancient symbol in folklore & also ‘Castles in the Air’ - a visionary project - a day dream. Together they draw you into a landscape of serenity & dreams.

She then holds this idea in mind and gradually begins to collect the images and colour that will start to formulate her creative vision.

The artwork begins to take shape as she lays down bold pieces of colour and imagery. Gradually building and building colour and image, the painting begins to evolve. As the process continues Anne begins to add smaller details and pops of colour; the layered detail beginning to 'tell her story' and vision.





Mike Doyle
Creative Director

Mike trained as a textile designer at Chelsea College of Art , London and went on to work in the textile industry for 25 years.
He continues to work as a print designer in the home furnishings/interiors sector creating wallpapers and fabrics.

“Having been raised from a young age to recycle influenced me and subsequently prompted me to create ephemera35 to promote works of art created from reused materials. I want to combine a love of contemporary art and the environment under one umbrella.
Every small individual step we can take towards recycling makes a difference to our environment and collectively has a positive effect on our world.”


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