red letter days



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SIGNED by Anne Doyle


Artist’s inspiration: “Red Letter Day” or scarlet day. A day of special significance - rooted in classical antiquity; important days/holidays are red in calendars dating back to Roman times. Medieval manuscripts used red to highlight special words (rubrics).
Gifts, roses & warm red ephemera invite you to celebrate your special day.

Size of unframed prints: B2: 70 x 50 cm (inclusive of 6 cm white border)

Size of framed prints: 72 x 52 cm


Framing options: 

We frame our prints locally to a high standard.
Buying an unframed print?

Here are some suggestions for reasonably priced B2 frames.

When you purchase one of our prints £1.00 is donated to:
The Woodland Trust & Water Aid
Water Aid

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